WaMu til' i die!

Here’s a really cool training video from the Raelert brothers. Can’t wait to watch Kona this year. I am going to use this to motivate me to go out and run this evening in this 90 degree Southern California weather. I will be using BASE Performance for the first time today as well.

-Ryan Snuggs

1 Mile Test

I decided to test my mile time today since I have not done so since high school. I did not really know what to expect, so i warmed up and gave it a go. I finished at 6 minutes and 6 seconds. I was hoping i would be able to get it in the 5’s but came up 6 seconds short. I will try again in a couple weeks and see if i can cut 6 seconds somewhere. On the last lap around the track my arms were flailing and my form was terrible due to fatigue.

Base Amino is due to be delivered sometime tomorrow. I’m hoping they drop it off sometime in the morning so I can go out for a longer ride in the afternoon. If not I might have to save it for Wednesday.

Mile Test: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/83181195

-Ryan Snuggs