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Exciting News

I am very excited to announce that I am now sponsored by BASE Performance. I can’t wait to start incorporating Base Amino into my daily workouts. I have a feeling it will do wonders to motivate me to not skip any workouts. Truly an amazing feeling!

Check them out at www.baseperformance.com

4 Mile Run Today: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/82207055

-Ryan Snuggs

40 Mile Bike Ride

My legs hate me. Today i got to ride PCH from the house in Newport to Long Beach and back.  This was the longest ride I have ever gone on and around mile 35 my legs started to feel like they were full of lead.  Even though it was a really tough workout I enjoyed it because it was a beautiful day and nothing beats being able to ride your bike along the California coast. I don’t think I have ever burned 1800 calories in one workout before.

Workout Details and Map:


Took a picture of the view from my cell phone.

-Ryan Snuggs

21 Miles on the Bike

Got a nice 21 mile ride in today. Today was the first time trying a new route in Chino Hills, it looks like it’s 3 miles longer than the usual route.  After the ride I had the pleasure of taking Christina to Cocary for some Shabu Shabu =] The food was great. A truly awesome day.

Today’s Workout Specs:


I am really loving the Garmin 405 Heart Rate Monitor. I have no complaints at all.

-Ryan Snuggs

Cycling Workout January 31st

Got a nice ride in today on the last day of the month. Ended up taking the usual route through Chino Hills and back through Phillips Ranch. Came out to be about 18 miles. My legs feel great and it was a gorgeous day out. It felt really good to be out on the bike today, had a lot of fun.

Details of the workout can be found here:


Chino Hills Parkway Canyon.

-Ryan Snuggs

Endurance Run

Just got done with an 8 mile run at Diamond Bar High School’s track. Earlier today Matt Fontana updated my Ipod with some quality jams which kept me going. The weather felt really nice and my endorphins are swirling about. Now time to grab a bite to eat at the house and head over to see the beautiful Christina Midori. I’m madly in love with that girl.

Details of tonight’s workout can be found here:


-Ryan Snuggs

25 Miles on the Bike

Legs are so sore, ended up going up Grand Ave into Chino Hills and back through Pomona. It was a gorgeous day and i just had to take advantage of it. Life is really going great right now, its the end of another semester in school and I am in no danger of getting any C’s. I have the most wonderful girlfriend anybody could ever ask for and its almost Christmas!

View from the canyon that connects Pomona and Chino Hills.

-Ryan Snuggs

Went for very high intensity 5k run tonight, legs feel fantastic. I cannot wait to fly on this thing tomorrow, with the new EC90 Aero Carbon wheelset.
-Ryan Snuggs

Went for very high intensity 5k run tonight, legs feel fantastic. I cannot wait to fly on this thing tomorrow, with the new EC90 Aero Carbon wheelset.

-Ryan Snuggs

Lights - February Air (Acoustic)
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♫: February Air (Acoustic Version)

Who knew LIGHTS would be such a hit 2 years later. Congratulations champ.


Triathlon Recap

As most of you know Sunday was my first triathlon.  It was a bit tougher then i had originally anticipated, however I am happy with the results.  The hardest part by far was the bike.  The first 3 miles of the bike was a steady climb up a mountain (Devil’s Canyon) and it took everything i had in my legs to reach the turnaround at the top.  After the first 3 miles of the bike I thought that it would be impossible to make it under 1:15:00 which was my goal entering the triathlon.  However after finishing the bike and swim my final time was 1:07:17. To put it in perspective i finished 141st out of 355, and 8th in my age group (Under 19).  Overall I am very pleased with the results and i can’t wait to get back to training, hopefully i will be doing another one towards the end of summer.  Thanks for all the support!

-Ryan Snuggs